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At Soul Candles, our candles are made with 100% beeswax and organic hemp wicks, which is good for our customers and the environment. There’s also an option to choose to have your candles made with a wooden wick. Our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind. If you need assistance, ideas, or special service, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

My Story

In July 2020 I had my son Yesha, who is now three years old and has autism.  In May 2020 my husband had a bleed on his brain and had to have emergency surgery.  He had a stroke with in the same week and this was all on Mother's day!  He lost the ability to speak and use his right arm. He was transferred to a rehab center where he was able to regain his speech and the use of his right arm.  July 2020 Dez was well enough to come home, before we had our son.  The day after having our son, was my husbands last surgery to replace a piece of his skull that had to be removed.  I decided to take a break from candle making and take care of my family.

In October 2022 we had our baby girl Autumn-Reign.  After having Autumn I experienced postpartum depression, and it was something I had never experienced before in my previous pregnancies.  I felt down and unworthy as a mom and wife.  I didn't want to tell anyone at first because I felt like I was supposed to be strong and not cry about anything especially my emotions.  One day my husband and I were having a conversation and he asked me if I had gotten the oil changed in the car.  I started to tell him about it, and out of nowhere I started crying.  I talked to my doctor, and we put together a treatment plan and I'm feeling so much better now.  My husband (who fully recovered thank God) encouraged me to start making candles again and relly focus on Soul Candles.  With help from my older sister, I started getting my products out to potential customers.  My oldest daughter Samira and I started doing pop up shops which have been really fun and a way for us to bond.  

Pumpkin Spice

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Check out my upcoming fall line and get your Preorders in!!!!!

White Candles with Plant Decor

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