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8 ounces 100% beeswax candle infused with soothing Eucalyptus, and relaxing lavender as well as other essential oils. This candle is best used to relax at anytime of the day or right before bed time.

Average burn time: Approx 40+hours

*Never sleep with a candle burning

*Color may vary as well as tin container.

You Heard

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Expected to ship by the end of the month
  • During the pandemic when everyone was locked in the house together, I would hear my husband use several phrase, and "You Heard" was one of them he'd use frequently.  Being that he's from the Bronx, Ny, it stuck out to me lol.  Everytime he said it, it was like he was saying you hear me or I have something importnant to say.  So combining Eucalyptus & Lavender together with other essential oils, made me think of that phrase.

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