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Hey Y'all

Hi my name is April, at Soul Candles, we believe that a good candle can lift your spirits and soothe your soul. Our candles are handcrafted with love and care using only the finest all-natural ingredients. As a mom of three, I wanted to create a candle that I felt comfortable lighting around my family. But, I also wanted to make something that people could enjoy, a candle that could radiate through a room and create a relaxing and inspiring environment. We offer a wide variety of scents and sizes that will leave you feeling peaceful and refreshed.

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My Story

Welcome to Soul Candles, where we take pride in our handcrafted 100% beeswax candles. As a family-owned business, we started creating these candles as a way to not only soothe our own souls during difficult times, but also to bring that same sense of comfort to others. From a traumatic brain injury and postpartum depression to a son with autism, our family has faced many challenges. But through it all, we found solace in the calming aroma of beeswax candles. Now we want to share that same sense of peace and serenity with you. Thank you for choosing Soul Candles. 

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